Our company specializes in the construction of moulds in Novi di Modena and boasts long experience in the biomedical field, offering excellent qualitative solutions.
Our proximity to a leading company in the sector allowed us to acquire considerable experience in the construction of moulds for caps. Contact us for information.
From the containers for urine to test tubes for blood to be analysed by the laboratory, our skills also allow us to offer solutions for this sector which is more marginal in terms of volumes.

Trust our professionalism

The constant research for improving the quality and production over time has made us a flexible and dynamic facility that can offer every client a solution for their needs.  If you want to know more about the construction of moulds for plastics do not hesitate to contact us.

The company

We are a leading company in the design and construction of injection moulds for plastics. We use a team of professionals and we adopt avant-garde technology.


We boast a complete production facility for all the phases of the process which go from the initial study for the design of the mould up to the subsequent steps. We also guarantee support and maintenance.

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